How it works

Apply CareTags

Sticker your most loved items; your phone, your laptop, your camera.

Scan to Register

Scan the unique QR code to add your item to your CareTag inventory.

Add Photos and Notes

Add photos and notes to each item to keep a full & up to date record.

How it helps

Easily Find and Keep Track

Browse or search your CareTag inventory to keep track of your important belongings.

Lost Something? Not to worry.

Help the finder to find you, get in touch and return your precious item.

App • Items List

App • Item Timeline

Web • Item Found!


CareTags can be stuck to almost everything, are super sticky, super thin, and super coated for extra durability with guaranteed legibility for 10 years.


The QR codes are unique identifiers loaded with the item's history. Add a photo of the item’s original receipt, update details of repair or maintenance, and keep track of its life story.


If an item is lost, a finder can access only the contact details you specify. CareTags are protected by 12 character alpha numeric codes and secure server technology.

Web • Item List with Full Asset Management Functionality

Buy CareTags

Packs of 10 for only €7 each. Get tagging the things you love!